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Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 30. A conversation with Legendary Actor Paul Campbell. (Shottas, Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop and more) Jul 14, 2018 Jamaica’s film history is robust with talented actors and actresses. G Cole sits for an entertaining and enlightening conversation with one of Jamaica’s most acclaimed actors, Mr Paul Campbell who starred […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 29. G Cole and Chef Jones have an honest, candid conversation about overcoming a cognitive disorder and learning disability to earning a Masters Degree in Psychology and becoming Chef Jones. Jun 29, 2018 Tune in for a candid, honest and fun conversation, as G Cole talks to Chef Jones about […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 28. G Cole talks to CEO, Designer and Co-Owner of Broadtail Designs, Ms Dania Beckford about her life, her inspirations and Entrepreneurship. Jun 15, 2018 G Cole speaks with Ms Dania Beckford; CEO, Designer and Co-Owner of Broadtail Designs, a company that manufactures and sells fashionable swimwear and carnival wear […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 27. G Cole talks to Legendary Reggae Singer Mr Glen Washington. May 30, 2018 G Cole has a fun conversation with legendary Reggae Singer Glen Washington about life, music and his performance after the Mothers Day show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, while listening to some of Glen’s music.

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 26. G Cole talks with The Queen of Reggae Music. Ms Marcia Griffiths OD, CD May 20, 2018 Dreams do come true. After her amazing performance, The Queen of Reggae Music, Ms Marcia Griffiths OD, CD sits down with G Cole for an enlightening conversation, to talk life, music and […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 25. Launching your business and establishing your brand. (Alex Miranda) May 5, 2018 G Cole talks to Brand Strategist, and Ceo of the company “Launch In 2 Days” Mr Alex Miranda. Alex is a passionate entrepreneur who stepped out and joined the world of entrepreneurship 13 years ago. He now […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 24. G Cole talks candidly to upcoming Reggae Star. Singer/Songwriter/Producer Koriq. Apr 30, 2018 G Cole sits down and talks with Koriq, a fresh voice in Reggae music, but extensively tenured as a musician. He hails from Ocho Rios Jamaica, a musician that grew from a young kid playing in […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 23. Why, despite the plethora of talent here, does success elude South Florida Reggae Artists? Apr 15, 2018 When it comes to Reggae music, South Florida is rich in musical talent, ranging from artists to musicians to producers to engineers. There are many Grammy awards, plaques and certificates adorning walls […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 22. Immigration laws and how they affect us. (Attorney Aileen Henry) Apr 1, 2018 The questions and concerns regarding immigration, immigration law and immigration reform have been growing, especially since the implementation of the new administration. G Cole sits down with immigration attorney Aileen G. Henry for a candid interview […]

Mar 17, 2018 Kindred spirits and mutual lovers of Reggae Music; G Cole from Jamaica and Estaselekta from Amsterdam met via the internet in 1996 because of their mutual love of Reggae music and have been sharing their gifts of music and culture ever since. Wether he’s in Holland or She travels to Miami, they […]

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