Does he get a sexual thrill from your stories?

Written by on May 2, 2022

Does he get a sexual thrill from your stories?

It’s time to start worrying when you find yourself beginning to tell those little “white lies” or omissions to your husband about who & what you’re doing on the side.

And be aware that eventually he might decide HE wants some fun on the side too. Are you prepared to handle that possibility just as smoothly as he is handling this so far with you?

It’s not set in stone that he migth want to play around too, but I’m saying that if he starts feeling that way then he’s got a fair amount of justification for it already if you know what I mean.

Of course it wouldn’t be entirely 100% fair for him to force you to accept his affairs after he already walked you into the affairs habit without his half of the games being mentioned as a possibility. But I’m saying the whole thing becomes a bunch of grey areas once one spouse has already played around with permission from the other.

Because ‘they love their woman and the blatant sharing of that type of personal intimacy lesbian iphone app with another man’ would be too much for a man to bear

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However, I haven’t had the nerve to tell her to sleep with somebody. I think I would have to develop a new attitude of detachment. It’s been safer for me to keep it as a private fantasy, and frankly that fantasy is an enjoyable one. But actually going through with it in reality might not be something I could handle. However, your husband can handle it apparently.

I suppose if this works for you then it seems like you have a good arrangement. Of course there are potential pitfalls but there are in any marriage in the best circumstances.

All those men whom you slept with will surely tell their buddies who you are and you will attract more unwanted attentions than you like.

Your reputation will precede you wherever you go .You will get no peace as all kind of vile men would be hounding you for your service.Your life would not be the same again.I hope you can handle your new found popularity and reputations.

Your husband will be ridiculed by his friends for being a cuckold and all kinds of derogatory names and he will find that he will become the laughing stock .

If you do not care what others think about you and your lifestyle, and only want your own self satisfaction.,I wish you all the best and be happy.

Another thing, I do know for a fact, that there is no way that most married men would be able to cope with their wives having sex with other men

Because i’m sorry to say but maybe he just told you it’s okay to have sex with other men so that he could do the same with other women to fulfill his needs?

And it’s not wrong of you to feel sexier and satisfied, i’m sure lots of people would feel the same.

But it seems a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ that your husband would just burst out with that while gardening, so you should question him more about things..look into it..because maybe stuff was on his mind aswel which you might not know.

And if i was you i wouldn’t tell anyone who you think may look at the bad side of things or you feel uncomfortable speaking about things to, because they may handle the situation in the wrong manner.

I don’t think you both have any idea of how this could blow your lives sky high. Because I need to know–what will happen when you grow emotionally close to another man, that you enjoy sex with? There is a highly likely chance this will happen. I have always said “sex drives the heart’ for most women. You are female and you are not immune to that. The anger, the jealousy would be insurmountable for most of them to endure.. Why? So what is going on with hubby that he agrees to such an arrangement? As Bemused suggested. he’s up to something. What was his rationale for allowing this? He’s young like you. he’s healthy. is their bedroom problems? Let us know. I’d be interested. Has he lost his desire for you? Has he got someone on the side? Oris there someone that interests him?

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