Eddie Redmayne of course won the best actor Oscar for his performance as Hawking and it is fully deserved

Written by on April 23, 2022

Eddie Redmayne of course won the best actor Oscar for his performance as Hawking and it is fully deserved

Felicity Jones is fine as his girlfriend who stands by him when his illness is diagnosed and becomes Mrs Jane Hawking.

The story here starts in 1963 when Hawking is a new graduate student in Physics and is having difficulty declaring a field of study for his PhD. But he finally gets inspired and writes a thesis on the origin of space and time as a singularity that became the Big Bang. Of course later in life he said his new theory goes against that earlier one.

The thing about this type of Physics, there is no good experimental evidence for most of them, making it difficult to know how valuable their contributions might be, aside from his best-selling book “A Brief History of Time.”

As the movie unfolds we don’t get a good feel for the time but in the end there are Hawking children in their late teens so it must have been up to about 1990 or so. We see Hawking’s physical health degrade, his being fitted with various devices that allows him to communicate.

A part of the film details his theory in physics and how eventually earning his doctorate, he went against his own theory.

There are some slow moments though and that ultimately is what reduces my rating for this film

Eddie Redmayne won a well deserved Oscar for playing the professor. We can literally feel his pain and supporting actress nominee Felicity Jones is terrific as the wife who was with him every step of the way until she realized that she had a life of her own to live.

Will someone please tell me how “Bird Man” was voted best picture of the year when we had this astounding film?

I like everyone else got swept along with the buzz for this film upon its release and while I don’t think it was worth all the hype it still remains a good film.

His relationship with his endearing wife who devoted her life to him and how circumstances and the need to move on ultimately affected them

The two central performances re fantastic and we see the decline in Hawking’s condition and the couples marriage from both sides in a way that means we never take sides.

I wasn’t expecting big bangs or anything, but some of the scenes felt like they were recapping what we as an audience could put together in our own heads.

A warning also for those of you of a squeamish disposition, in some cases we do see what goes on in a operation and it could be quite upsetting for some.

This film tells the life story of the greatest living scientist, including his academic life, romantic life and his medical illness causing a debilitating muscle problem.

“The Theory of Everything” tells the story of a brilliant mind, who figures out just about anything. I still remember when “A Brief History of Time” came out, it dominated every window display of every bookshop. It’s only logical that people want to see Stephen Hawking’s life on screen.

The trailer already makes me very interested to see the film, especially the performance of Eddie Redmayne. I think he will be a front runner of best actor in the Oscars race. The story is very captivating, because the person concerned is still alive, and also he’s such an important person.

In a recent review of a Christian propaganda film I did state that there’s a danger of elevating Professor Stephen Hawking as http://hookupdate.net/iamnaughty-review the greatest scientist in the history of humanity . According to other scientists this simply isn’t true , he’s not on a par with the likes of Albert Einstein or Ernest Rutherford or many scientists of the 20th Century . He is of course what is known as a celebrity scientist who along with the abrasive love him or hate him biologist Richard Dawkins and uber-geek boy Brian Cox someone who can make the intricate , mind boggling and often incomprehensible topic of science understandable and fascinating for a mainstream layman audience . Much of Hawking’s celebrity comes from the very sad fact that he has spent the majority of his life trapped inside a useless body due to motor neuron disease . He is – and I hope no one picks me up wrong – the good human form of the pop culture sci-fi view of the alien genius villain who is all brain and no body such as The Mekon and Davros .I’m saying this because I’ve got the instinctive feeling that THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING might be getting rewarded for the subject rather than the content and is a film I found difficult to take to

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