Month: December 2018

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 47. Inner Circle “The Bad Boys Of Reggae” Dec 25, 2018 On an unusually cold evening, Musical Legends Inner Circle, known also as “The Bad Boys Of Reggae” sit with G Cole at Circle House Studios in Miami for a rare conversation about life and the legacy of Inner Circle. […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 46. Multi Grammy Award winning Producer Jason J-Vibe Farmer stops by to talk about the Reggae category of the 2019 Grammy Awards Dec 11, 2018 The Grammy Award’s category for Best Reggae Album has long been a topic of contention for Reggae fans and enthusiasts. Some deem a Marley submission […]

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 45. From then till now. A conversation with the blue eyed, soulful, Reggae crooner “Tenor Blue” Dec 2, 2018 G Cole sits down for a great conversation with the soulful, blue eyed Reggae singer “Tenor Blue” to talk music and the Tenor Blue Experience. The California born, South Florida based […]

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