“Unbreakable”. Alborosie Meets The Wailers United

Written by on September 28, 2018

By: G Cole

One of My top Reggae Albums for 2018


Alborosie Meets The Waiters United

My love for music began as a small boy and Reggae became the love of my life when I got older. Reggae has been pouring in from all over the world and lately, excellent Reggae. I really like the music of Dutch Reggae Artist Ziggi Recado, but it was the albums “Journey To Jah” and “Confidence” by German Reggae Artist Gentleman, that had me coming to terms with the fact that one of my favorite Reggae Artists was from outside the shores of Jamaica. I’d heard a few songs from Alborosie, a Reggae Artist from Sicily, and ironically he is the one that made Jamaica home. His talent was undeniable and his connection with the nation, the music and the culture was cemented. I’d only been drawn to a few of his songs and those to me while good, were not enough for me to ever say to anyone, “where’s my Alborosie CD”.

I was urged by a friend to check out his latest album “Unbreakable. Alborosie Meets The Wailers United”, I didn’t listen immediately, but about two weeks later while on a road trip I decided to give it an ear and I must say from the very first track I was floored. I imagine every song was placed where it was with pin point precision. The opening track “The Unforgiven” featuring Raging Fyah was the perfect blend of soothing and militant and took me to a special place. Every song on this album is worthy of it’s own editorial review, but since that would make for too long an article I’ll move on to track number two, “Mystical Reggae” featuring Jah Cure. It is indeed mystical. If this was the last song I ever heard, my hearing would not have been wasted and if this song was ten minutes long, it still wouldn’t have been long enough. After listening to it for a fifth time I moved forward. One of the most pleasing things about this album is, even though Alborosie collaborates with some of Reggae’s best, the songs that he tackles solo are equally potent and captivating, starting with the third track “Lie”. Chronixx and J Boog are also featured on two excellent tunes, but this album went from the skies to heaven when I heard “Too Rock” featuring Beres Hammond. The only reason I give this album a 9 out of 10 is because this song should’ve been 10 minutes long. This album had me in a trance, it’s blend of live musicianship, lyrics that would make Bob Marley put his lighter in the air and soul stirring melodies make the album an instant classic, even the interludes are worthy of listening. Track 9 “Table has turned” was my formal and personal introduction to a man I’d never met, it’s such a beautiful and visual song that I feel like we grew up together and played in the streets of Marsala.

“If this song was ten minutes long, it still wouldn’t have been long enough”

Youth like me” is another masterpiece amongst fourteen excellent tracks. I could speak on every track, but I’ll try to leave some sense of surprise. After the Outro I can confidently say that I’m a fan and that this is not only one of my favorite Reggae albums of 2018, but one of my favorites all time. This album’s groove, it’s message and overall sound, from the first to the final note is indeed “Unbreakable” and leaves me with only one thing to say. “Thank You” Alborosie.

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