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 The deep mental, physical, emotional and psychological damage that sexual abuse causes, can be long and traumatic to get over. Often times people never get over it at all. G Cole talks in depth with, Author Teacher, and Poet, Ms Syndia A Payne, about her journey to not only healing from the abuse she […]

G Cole shares a passionate view of his native land, from the beautiful beaches to the garrisons, from tourism to politics, and paints a picture using songs written about Jamaica. Come along for the ride, because the good far outweighs the bad, and if you’re buckled in, then don’t worry, you’ll end up right where […]

G Cole sits down to listen to the album “Good Vibrations” by his favorite artist Dennis Brown. As he goes over the album song by song, an album he owns on vinyl, he talks about the man “Dennis Brown” himself, and why the legendary Reggae artiste is such an influence on him. As he walks […]

Issues relating to, and resulting from mental health are becoming increasingly popular, yet it remains an undercurrent in conversations, especially in the Caribbean, or the black community. In this episode of Homegrown with G Cole, we sit down to discuss more about this very important subject, with licensed mental health professional Ms. Candice Forrest.  

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