His mountaine being neere unto Ezaggen, containeth in total thirtie miles, plus breadth twelue miles

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His mountaine being neere unto Ezaggen, containeth in total thirtie miles, plus breadth twelue miles

They aboundeth having oyle, hony, and you can vines. The new population is principally imployed regarding and work out regarding sope and seeking to out-of waxe. It spend vnto the fresh new king out-of Fez getting yeerely tribute about three thousand ducates, which getting greeting vnto the fresh gouernour off Ezaggen, the guy maintaineth fower hundred or so horsemen on kings seruice.189 Of one’s mountaine called Beni-Fenescare. ‘”in his mountaine out-of Fenescare adioyning vnto attach A good Rahon, is mostly about fiue and twentie kilometers a lot of time, and you will seven http://www.datingranking.net/tr/soulsingles-inceleme kilometers wide. It is advisable peopled following Rahon, hauing many fabric-dressers, and you can weauers obviously content, and you will yeelding great abundance away from waxe. Euery Monday they haue an excellent durante and of wares ; insomuch the Genoueses come hither to shop for oxe hides and you will waxe, that they conuey into the Portugall and you will Italy. Out of this mountaine are yeerely

obtained to have tribute brand new summe off sixe thousand ducates, three thousand whereof are allowed vnto the fresh new gouernour regarding Ezaggen, the brand new deposit being payd with the kings step one exchequer.-140 Of mountaine entitled Beni-Haros.

Wines it haue higher store each other browne and you will white

Their mountaine updates neer vnto Casar extendeth northward eight, and you may westward 20. kilometers. It containeth however, sixe kilometers onely in the bredth. It actually was will likely not become well peopled and populated which have men, who, when the Portugals woon Arzilla, cruelly vsurping ouer individuals, motivated them to flee and leaue the brand new mountaine desolate. Discover at that expose certaine cottages vpon new mountaine; but most of the deposit lyeth wast. While this mountaine went on into the a home, it allowed yeerely vnto this new gouernor regarding Casar around three thousand ducates.141 From install Cliebib. Pon this mountaine try sixe otherwise seuen castles inhabited with ciuill and you may truthful someone : to possess if Portugals wan Tangia, the owners fled vnto that it mountaine beeing but twentie kilometers distant. The new inhabitants try perpetually molested towards the Portugals inuasions : the newest tributes of mountaine becoming halfe reduced due to the fact losse from Tangia, waxe euery date woorse and you will woorse, given that garrison was thirtie kilometers distant, and should not visited succour him or her frequently since the Portugals reach spend and you may spoyle its regions.142

Of one’s mountaiue titled Beni Chesseu. His mountaine was off an exceeding height, and extremely tough to become encountred: having together with the naturall fortification thereof, it’s populated with many valiant anyone. Such inhabitants are oppressed for the tyrannic of the gouernours, rose vice president in more detail in the armes

of the society: however at this go out all house remain nonetheless, because if the fresh population had not forsaken they after all.1*cuatro Out of mount Quadres.

Their large mountaine status regarding middle betweene Septa and you can Tetteguin, was populated with most valiant and warlike somebody, whoever valour well enough appeered about warres betweene this new king off Granada, additionally the Spanyards ; in which the society onely associated with the mountaine preuailed so much more following all the this new armed Moores at the side of

145 Vpon the fresh told you mountaine is borne you to definitely titled of the them Hellul: that it Hellul atchieued many woorthie exploits resistant to the Spanyards; the fresh historie whereof is decided downe partly from inside the verse and you will partially in prose, that’s as rife from inside the Africa and you will Granada, as it is the new storie out of Orlando into the Italic But in detail on Foreign language warre (whereby Ioseph Enesir king and patriarke from Maroco was vanquished) so it Hellul was slaine within the a castle out of Catalonia, titled because of the Moores, New palace of your own eagle. In the same battell was slaine around three- Threescore tkousand

score thousand Moores, so that not one of them fled saue Moores slai the latest king and a few regarding their nobles. This was done in this new yeere of your Hegeira 609. that has been in the yeere of our Lord 1160. Of thenceforth the new Spanyards had alwaies a great successe within warres, so they recouered each one of these metropolitan areas that the Moores had ahead of obtained from her or him. And you may away from the period through to the yeere by which queen Ferdinando overcome Granada, here enacted (with respect to the Arabians membership) 285. yeeres.149 Of your own mountaine called Curved Guedarfeth. Their mountaine status maybe not farre out-of Tetteguin (though it be not as high) are really fraught with society. People are very warlike, being in pay vnder the newest gouernour out-of Tetteguin, who it considerably

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