Chakotay is actually privately strengthening some thing on woods, hence arouses Janeway’s fascination

Written by on May 22, 2022

Chakotay is actually privately strengthening some thing on woods, hence arouses Janeway’s fascination

Just upcoming, Tuvok associations these to state they are about to time of interaction variety. Janeway brings a brief goodbye towards the crew. Tuvok commentary which he are recognized getting presented with each other of those and you can requires brand new captain and you can commander in order to “live long and do well.”

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Big date twenty-four in the world, Janeway are bringing a shower about bathtub you to definitely Chakotay depending throughout the woods along with her sound confides in us you to she and you can Chakotay have dubbed the whole world just like the The fresh new Earth. At the same time, a beneficial rustling to its standard defense startles the girl. She requires Chakotay just who rushes external that have a phaser and you can a beneficial SIMs beacon. He tries brand new white in the beacon within rustling voice plus they pick a primate.

Six-weeks shortly after making Janeway and you may Chakotay trailing (based on Tuvok’s diary), Voyager picks up a Vidiian convoy with the a lot of time-range goes through. The new staff talk about whether to hail him or her. Kim starts to dispute regarding the whether or not they are leaving the 2 in the world. Tuvok alleviates him off obligation and you may threatens in order to put him inside the newest brig if the guy cannot hop out the bridge. At the Paris’s urging, Kim renders.

Kim, Hogan, Swinn, Torres, and Neelix speak about what happened about mess hallway and understand all of the crew disagree which have Tuvok’s orders. Kim up coming visits Tuvok’s household at the 0100 times to go over how it happened prior to that have Tuvok, and you will suggests future methods towards Vidiians reminding him one to the past find which have Danara Pel mode she would likely enable them to, and you can Torres’ Klingon DNA could be used as negotiate since it was from the Phage. not, Tuvok is adamant with his choices, as well as mentioning the past duty in damaging a great Vidiian watercraft away from 300. The guy informs Kim one “The protection associated with staff is the vital thing, and i also need to do any kind of I will in order for security.” The guy says to Kim that when he actually ever concerns his requests once again, he’s going to become alleviated regarding obligation forever.

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Showing Janeway and you may Chakotay in the world, Janeway expresses her anxiety about Chakotay’s broadening intimacy and feels while the even though he has got given up. This appears as if they are a great deal more worried about and then make a home than simply toward looking for a cure. The guy reacts “I cannot compromise the present getting the next which can never ever occurs.” Janeway says in the future she might have to accept that discover no remove, although not now.

Since the Janeway heads into forest to check their barriers, she sees an identical primate if you are gathering bug samples. Because the primate starts shrieking an alert, the weather transform violently that have black clouds and you will an effective plasma storm, resulting in Janeway to fall several times due to the fact she can make her ways back to the brand new security.

Right back toward motorboat, Kes meets really that have Tuvok to test explain the emotions out of the fresh new team. She tells him more and more the woman father, and states that he’s how come she kept the girl town and eventually found Voyager. Tuvok claims one they are obligated to pay your a debt, when he couldn’t consider it travel versus Kes. Kes goes on to state that the woman father died whenever she was you to, and she skipped your terribly, however, once you understand Tuvok assisted slow down the aches of the losses. He says they are honored because of the comparison. Kes reminds your one because master, he could be guilty of the latest psychological and also the physical well-are out-of his team. Tuvok claims the guy can not be kept hostage into the crew’s thoughts.

The guy says to Kes she’s completely wrong when the she believes he cannot understand its loss. “You will find forgotten a cherished pal, and i am not resistant towards ramifications of that losses.” Kes asks him to imagine the effect of these losings “toward many of those exactly who getting anything significantly.” She says to your a lot of the latest staff are waiting into connection to have him to spell it out after that.

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