How to Find the Best 200% Casino Promotion?

Written by on May 17, 2022

How to Find the Best 200% Casino Promotion?

How to calculate 200% Bonuses?

Online game providers are willing to take the risk of giving you a high welcome package. The question is: are you ready to make the most of it? Before you can answer this question, ensure that you know how much you can get from the 200% offer. Usually, deposit bonus casino sites match your initial cash at a rate of 200%. In addition, they may have pre-set minimum and maximum limits. To help you understand this, we will illustrate how this works.

If you add C$100 to your account, the operator will match the bonus up at a rate of 200%. Thus, you will receive C$200 free money. In total, you will have C$300 to use when betting. Note that this promo applies only to your 1st deposit. If the operator can push their generosity further, they can provide a second and a third perk. In such a situation, the gambling site will protect itself by placing a cap of up to C$50. Even if the 200% award does not yield much, it is completely free money.

Besides, it may come with less stringent wagering rules than the 400% or the 500 boons. In addition, the 200-award might provide as many exciting games as the 500% one. As you look for online casino deals with a match rate of up to 200%, avoid those with strict terms. It will ensure that you profit from the boon.

Now you know how sites calculate your 200% entry prize. The next thing is to determine how much you want to spend to claim your first deposit bonus. As aforementioned, some websites have set the minimum amount that you put in your online account. Others have the maximum limit too. Ensure that you select an amount you can pay between the two limits. Surpassing the maximum limit does not guarantee higher payouts. Most sites will cancel any winnings you have made with the extra money.

Wagering Requirements

All welcome bonus packages consist of the burden to meet all the wagering requirements. Other names for these are play-through requirements, turn-over requirements, or roll-over requirements. These are limitations that make it harder for people to grab your gifts. Gambling site operators would lose a lot of money if they made it easy for people to withdraw the bonus money. So many people would create a new account only to get the chance to run with free money. With play-through requirements in place, a player would take days or weeks to comply. To profit from your 200% deal, the wagering requirement needs to be lower. For instance:

  • Yours odds of completing the requirement would be better with a 10x playthrough than with a 30x playthrough. If you initially add $10 to your account on a 200 match deal, you would get C$20 free money plus C$10. To know the amount you would wager to cash out finally, multiply C$30 by the wagering requirement of 10x. The answer is C$300.
  • Your chance of completing a roll-over requirement would be harder with a 30x playthrough than the 10x one. With the same C$30, you would require C$900 to finish your wagering requirement and withdraw.

As you can see for yourself, you can meet your turnover requirements faster when the number is lower than when it is high. As well, you can only withdraw when you are done with the mandatory casino play.

We are always searching for the best casino promotions. When we find excellent and reputable bonus offers, we list them on this site. The first thing we wish to ensure is that you can grab only trustworthy boons. We test them before placing them on this website, and we know one thing for sure. Some 200% deals are hard to obtain due to strict roll-over requirements. These are not worth your time, and that is why they are not on our list. Feel free to accept any gambling site listed here as the best provider of 200% promotions. No matter where you live, we have genuine promotions for your area. We have done the tough job for you; and, it is now up to you to capitalize on that. If you decide to look for some, consider the following:

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