Decent to read, thanks for linking me personally one

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Decent to read, thanks for linking me personally one

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But just to correct – From the was abit deprecated screen into the SGS, SGS2 and you will similiar models. It can be used to manage modem directly from Pc (unclear if Desktop is really individually talking-to modem or so you’re able to part of Android’s HALs, that’s then talking-to modem, getting such as for instance. USB-UART multiplexer during the I9000 and you will S8500/S8530 are competent to button mobile MicroUSB vent ranging from AP USB/UART and you may CP USB/UART. Part of the dealing with program found in above activities is RPC using oneDRAM mutual-memory area. Discover gadgets particularly “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” into the kernel – these are crucial for right functioning out-of modem. Even when RIL is utilizing From the orders, it does send him or her courtesy RPC. AP-CP UART partnership seems to be used only for very early booting phase (at least inside I9000 and you may S8500, haven’t analysed I9100 but suppose that’s similiar)

Ad1. There may be no real ability to keep in touch with modem individually on SGS2 as well as solutions you will get SS (Cutting-edge Mobile Subscriber Application – RTOS taking care of Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. These types of datasheets are really protected gifts out of producers. Just solitary, partial manuals leak away from Qualcomm, not really helpful. Plus AP-CP RPC process are exclusive off Samsung, it had AMSS supplies from Qualcomm and are adding its individual vehicle operators there.

Oh yes, We offered Qualcomm just like the example, it is CP when you look at the SGS2 Qualcomm? It wasn’t QC equipment for the SGS1 however, tbh it’s very really signed resource.

If you are AP-CP low level process try opensource (you can find they into the dpram/onedram/modemctl motorists from inside the kernel), higher level of this covering – accumulated to your sec-RIL, isn’t. AP-CP protocol varies anywhere between I9000 and you may S8500 (standard layout continues to be the exact same, simply it has been rewriten very packet types and you will formations is actually different), but if you need it – we have been starting opensource RIL getting S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 tool series, designed to work with Android ports in their mind – (part experimental-MochaIPC)


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So long as the new modem is very effective, there is little have to enjoy towards details of just how ril keep in touch with modem, nevertheless when brand new modem can not work since it will be (In my own instance they would not sign in on just one particular mobile operator), a within command that may perform a plant reset of your own modem would be of use

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That In the was deprecated is no magic, but the truth (at the very least according to specific firmware specialist) would be the fact it does still be some time till the OEM’s could possibly get reduce the latest (AT) dependence of their secret and you will bad proprietary firmware, that often should be backward appropriate.

Away from if or not I am talking to AP otherwise CP. Maybe you are true that I am talking to AP through HAL. At the least off SGS2 block drawing, UART-step 3 is in the AP, however, connected to an amount-shifter from the PMIC (however on the same SoC), that’s consequently connected to the BP UART-X. (There isn’t an idea as to the reasons this is done thus.) So regardless they have a look your AT’s try getting the destination, because of some abstraction covering, which sung Drivers and not off a city (phone) critical shells.

The question are, what will happen if we attempt to utilize the Bada secret, to enter ServiceMode (SM) and enable the brand new associated BP availableness? But the SM varies toward SGS and that option is maybe not demonstrably readily available. not, there can be:

[ Change ] I came across it! Your choice of AP/BP connection choices whenever linking your cell phone because the a good USB visitors, to help you a pc server, will likely be yourself invest new PhoneUtil (PU) diet plan. It kits the brand new decisions of the cellular telephone when linking it so you’re able to a computer, so that you can come across if or not you adore they to behave due to the fact a good Modem or PDA, towards the USB and/otherwise UART vent. Brand new PU eating plan is different from the ServiceMode eating plan.

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