Beres Hammond’s “Never Ending”

Written by on October 3, 2018


G Cole talks about Beres Hammond’s soon to be released album “Never Ending"After listening to the album for four days I feel grateful, I feel like a thank you is necessary, I feel like my favorite team showed up tonight and not only brought home the championship but played a superb game.

After the first listen I thought “solid album” but hey what should I expect it’s Beres. After the second listen I thought brilliant, after the third listen I thought superb, and after the fourth I concluded “masterpiece”. This album is indeed a collectors item, one of those you’ll download and still need to have the physical copy. The presentation should’ve been my indicator that the album was going to be classic, every picture, the color scheme, the booklet that includes the song lyrics, but hey it’s Beres and what else can I say but “Well Done”.

Never ending is your favorite spread from your favorite restaurant, done personally for you by your favorite chef.

G Cole talks about Beres Hammond’s soon to be released album “Never Ending"Every aspect of life is captured on this album, from national pride and patriotism on “Land of Sunshine” to wise words of wisdom for guys on how to maintain the love in a relationship. Never ending is your favorite spread from your favorite restaurant, done personally for you by your favorite chef on a perfect day. This album captures every bit of Beres Hammond, it feels like a Greatest Hits or Best Of. I remember when I got the CD “Can’t Stop A Man” and it had every Beres Classic; What One Dance Can Do, She Loves Me Now, Putting Up Resistance, Tempted To Touch, Rock Away and so much more, every mood and hit captured on one album, well this album feels like that. When you build the Eiffel Tower that’s your legacy, when you build the Norte Dame that’s your legacy, you don’t just get up and build another one tomorrow, well not Beres, he keeps creating musical wonders album after album, almost to the point where we take it for granted. It is almost impossible to list stand out tracks because the all are. The album starts out in vintage Beres Hammond style, with the track “I’m Alive” which has a brand new, but familiar nostalgic sound and a feel that says “for the next 57 minutes you’re in good company”. Beres Hammond might have arguably the largest catalog of classics in Reggae Music History, so when you go to a concert you are in musical euphoria from start to finish and you wait for your special song that takes you to that special place. But if you should go to a concert and he only performed songs from this album, you would still leave satisfied. “Only One” “Hold You Till It hurts” and “My Kinda Girl” further drives home the fact that love songs are alive and well. For those who find power and strength in songs like “Putting Up Resistance” then he did it again with the song “Survival”. Our best medical, political and scientific minds study at the premiere institutions in order to become the best, well Beres Hammond is that institution of higher learning for any one wanting to be their best, and “Never Ending” is one thesis you might want to study. By the time we get to the final track “Never Ending”, you feel very satisfied. There could not have been a better way to close out 57 minutes of brilliance. This album is a testament to the brilliance, the talent and the heart of a man who’s gifts to us seems to be “Never Ending”.

When you build the Eiffel Tower, that’s your legacy, you don’t just get up tomorrow and build another one. Well He does.

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